We strive hard to make our clients work an excellent masterpiece and to set standards in this world of ever growing competition around us and emerge out distinctly from others.

With an unrivaled pool of talent and highly skilled designers and developers provide the best vector arts and responsive designs of websites, template placing, image editing, Data entry, Image color correction etc.

We have provided many high quality designs to our clients as well as provided many companies and local businesses with their logos, websites, SEO etc. so as to promote their business through internet marketing.

We also provide vector art works, image editing, Photoshop works, works related with adobe illustrator, coral draw etc. Brands and logo designing is our specialty. We understand our client demands, analyze it and provide the best work to fulfill their requirements in the given timeframe.

We are proficient in Graphic designing which includes logo designing, vector arts, vector graphics, converting or redrawing raster images to vector images. Vector images are used for printing purpose and advertising use. At Piranah Impressions you can get your low quality images of any format converted to vector format i.e. scalable vector graphics which can be printed on any source like banner, T-shirts, Mugs, Totes & bags, glass items or anything on which the image can be printed.

Piranah Impressions is the place where you can rely upon to design your website as well as to promote your business via search engine optimization of your own website at very reasonable rates.

Piranah Impressions has skills, resources and high quality workmanship are backed by prompt and clear communication with the client, and ensuring deadlines are met on time.

Piranah Impressions Pvt Ltd The first stop for promotional products companies, marketing firms, sportswear manufacturers, headwear manufacturers, sporting goods manufacturers, apparel manufacturers, photography industry, and print media and publishing companies, Sign companies etc.

You are looking for one reason to choose us? We give you hundreds!! Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and fast pace service to our clients.

  • Monthly payment facilities
  • Flat rate for in bulk work order
  • No payment required before your job is finished
  • Free trial to judge our service quality
  • Open to 24 hours email service, online chat support for queries
  • Offers realistic rate without compromising with quality and turnaround time

Award winning digital agency. We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why.

CEO Jack Bour

Employee empowerment

We believe in self-driven people who push themselves harder than anyone else can - people who are constantly 'toiling upwards in the night'. There's no room for laid back non-performers here in Piranah Impressions. Our people are judged by results. Business Heads of our Independent Business Units run their centers of excellence with a long-term strategic perspective while ensuring month-on-month profitability through Management by Objective and regular goal-directed business planning based on analytics and metrics.

Collaborative Environment

Cross-functional teams pool their collective intelligence and stimulate creative thought to improve performance, creating a boundary less environment where ideas flow to produce positive results.
Each employee is a "holon"- a whole with a distinctive identity, empowered to make unique individual contributions and take independent decisions to get the job done. At the same time, each employee is an intrinsic part of a "holarchy" or larger whole, one of the Independent Business Units that make up the still larger holarchy, Piranah Impressions, the bpo holarchy of holarchies, offering consolidated business process outsourcing services under one roof.

Workshops and seminars on an on-going basis hone our people's skills in strategic thinking, planning, people management and conflict management.
Every new project also calls for its own distinct brand of training to ensure delivery to high standards of quality within time and cost parameters.

Information sharing

In specialized domains like knowledge process outsourcing, our senior consultants meet and share industry insights and updates in different fields where technology and its application is changing at a rapid pace. They have access to high end online libraries and other sources for their research.

Customer focus

At Piranah Impressions, we approach business from a customer's point of view. Rather than marketing the services we offer, we understand your unique business needs and then go all out to meet them. Sometimes this could mean offering a new service. We build relationships and offer value, leveraging our specialized expertise in different business domains.
We handle every business inquiry as if it were our last. That's how we've grown by leaps and bounds.
Most importantly, we build trust through honesty, integrity, open communications and transparency. Customers can interact with people actually doing the work. For example when outsourcing call center services, the customer can listen to the voice recording himself, in real time.

Our primary objective is to provide good quality artwork at reasonable prices. We pay meticulous attention to all the detail that artwork requires. Our Quality Control supervisors make sure that the artwork is of superior standard and that your instructions have been followed to the letter. In addition, we check for any spelling errors which others may overlook. Above all, we see to it that the artwork is "print-ready" or "camera-ready" depending on which method you have specified. We supply as many proofs as it takes to satisfy your requirements, although after the third proof a nominal charge applies.

Quality Artwork

The quality of your advertisement is a sign of the quality of your product. Hence, having a cheap-looking, rushed artwork would do your business no good. Make sure your printed advertisement stands out Online Printing. We can print from a variety of file types and formats. However, to make sure your printed product is the highest standard please review our preferred artwork formats. Get your artwork ready to hit our print shop by browsing through our blog section. We have valuable tips and suggestions to make sure that you get the best quality.

Our Online Printing team handles all of your design needs. Let our team of skilled designers take your next branding, promotional or marketing campaign to the next level. We are well equipped to handle large projects and tight deadlines. Our list of repeat businesses is a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction. Our artwork team is comprised of individuals who have made their mark in print media, supplying branding, graphic design, multimedia, typesetting and print management services. We have extensive experience providing artwork to a wide range of businesses in different industries. Last but not least, we always consider research as a means of understanding the target market and increase the effectiveness of the product.